Boys Grades 3-4

Boys Equipment Requirements


In the interest of providing the safest experience possible, preseason practices will be held outdoors in 2021.  While this is a change from our normal preseason, we’re excited about the possibilities that this change offers.  Practices will begin the week of March 15.


After April vacation we practice twice weekly, with games typically played on Saturdays. The competitive season spans roughly 6 weeks, and two games are usually played each Saturday.  Local tournaments are on hiatus until venue restrictions are relaxed.

At this level we play a 7 v 7 format with goalie.


All field players are required to have a
lacrosse helmet, a mouthpiece, gloves, shoulder pads, arm pads, and an athletic protective cup.  Cleats are not required, but are strongly encouraged.  Soccer cleats are fine. Effective January 1, 2022, all field players in the boys’/men’s game must have shoulder pads or protectors that also meet the NOCSAE performance standard, ND200.  There are already many options that meet this standard on the market today, so we encourage you to look for this designation when buying gear for this season.

Per state guidelines, a cloth face covering will be required at all times.  Brunswick Youth Lacrosse does not believe that plastic face shields such as the Cascade Field Shield (for example) or cloth shields that attach directly to the helmet satisfy the requirements for a snug fitting cloth face shield.  These coverings may be worn in addition to, but not instead of, a snug fitting cloth face covering.


This skill level of players in this program ranges from no experience at all to boys having played for several years. All are welcome. This level is about learning the game of lacrosse. It’s about learning the basic stick handling skills, positioning on the field, offensive and defensive strategies and playing as a team. It’s also about having fun!

Brunswick residents will be given preference. Players from outside of Brunswick will be placed on a waiting list and if space allows can join on a first come first served basis.